Model HBR-5
Hydraulic Breaker Rack

Finally a Storage Solution for your hard to store Mini Excavator and Backhoe Breakers!

I’ve focused on Safety and Function with my new Hydraulic Breaker Rack design.  
Some of the unique features of my patented design are:

  • It works with all Mini Excavator and Backhoe Breakers with up to 3.3”diameter bits. 
  • Breakers stand vertical, which allows trapped moisture to drain through the elevated holders 
  • It increases the operators view of the coupling portion on the top of the breaker
  • It allows the desired breaker to twist into alignment with the machine while coupling
  • Elevated Breaker Holders allow dirt to fall through to the ground eliminating the need to clean out the holders
  • It eliminates the breakers from contacting the ground reducing rust
  • The Breaker Racks can be stacked up to 4 high, reducing the overall shipping cost per rack
  • Engineered to handle normal forces from the equipment while the breakers are inserted or removed from the rack
  • Designed to free stand on hard surfaces including compacted road base, without the need for anchors
  • Integrated fork points allow you to relocate the rack easily around your yard

Specs are as follows:

  • Width 96”
  • Depth 48"
  • Height 22”
  • Weight 465 pounds
  • Total capacity 10,500 Pounds
  • Holds 5 Breakers
  • Max Bit Diameter 3.3”
  • Shipping NMFC# 164340
  • Shipping Class 150

You’ll find in all my products, high quality fully welded American Made Steel, with a quality Powder Coat correctly prepped for the outdoors by sand blasting and then zinc primed.

Some of the unique features of my patents and designs include:

  • Allows the operator to connect to the auger bits without the need for assistance or the use of his or her back!
  • Designed so that it can be moved with a forklift while loaded!
  • Designed to be used with a variety of augers by adjusting for both height and diameter.
  • Comes with pins to lock every bit into place if the desire for shipping it while loaded ever arises!
  • Allows the operator to precisely align the holes of the drive motor with the auger bits from the cab!
  • Allows the operator to safely exit the cab when the boom is braced through the drive motor, which is coupled to the desired auger bit held vertically in the rack!
  • Holds the augers vertical in a ready to use position!
  • Multiple racks can be stacked for shipping reducing your shipping costs!
  • American Made Steel!
  • Sand blasted, zinc primed and powder coated red for a long lasting finish! 

Specs are as follows

  • Width 96”
  • Depth 30" to 36” Depending on the model
  • Height 40”
  • Weight 300-450 pounds
  • Holds auger bits up to 24" or 36" diameter depending on the model
  • Quantity of bits per rack depends on the diameter of the augers 3-8 bits total
  • Smallest gap between bits 2”
  • I'm sure You'll find an Increase in Safety and Function with my Auger Rack products.



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