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Derrick Digger Yard Auger Racks
Model # AR-DDY-8
Model # AR-DDY-12


Model# AR-DDY-8

  • Length 96”
  • Width 84”
  • Height 101”
  • Weight 895 lbs.
  • Capacity 10,000 lbs.


Model# AR-DDY-12

  • Length 144”
  • Width 90”
  • Height 101”
  • Weight 1207 lbs.
  • Capacity 10,000 lbs.


  • Designed to free stand on any stable surface including road base, small depths of gravel, asphalt, and concrete.
  • Can be placed out of level a total of 2° in any combined direction, without hindering its performance.
  • Is extremely stable and when used correctly with the derrick digger the operator can safely install and remove bits without assistance.
  • With one holder space left empty for the bit on the truck makes it ideal for the purpose of exchanging auger bits.
  • The auger dish holders can handle up to 1 ton of downward force from the Derrick digger boom while the rack is fully loaded with auger bits.
  • The operator can access the pin by use of an 8 foot step ladder not included.
  • It’s ideally used with the truck located at or near an end giving the operator access to both sides, and good visibility.
  • It can be easily handled and located by placing the forklift forks under the upper beams.  Please note this is recommended to be done unloaded, if done while loaded it’s at your own risk.