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Our Patented Designs are Uniquely Our Own

Our designs start when one of our customers request a rack for their unique application.  We research everything we can about the application, equipment, and augers.  After careful considerations a concept is designed in Solid Works CAD software.  Often our concept then becomes a prototype that after testing is found to be a fully working model.

We're Proud that We Manufacture Our Own Products

Our manufacturing facility is where our design concepts become reality.  We stock materials for most of our racks, allowing us to start an order as early as the same day.  Most Racks are completed within a week and sent out for Powder Coating.  When Complete, the Racks are brought back to our facility and then prepared for shipping.

How Auger Rack Started, and Where We're Going
I've always been quite passionate about equipment.  For me it's an everyday part of my life.  I often thought while using and transporting my skid steer augers, "Why can't this be easier?", "I wish I had some help.", and "How can I do this by myself?".  I needed a way to eliminate these challenges, and increase safety while working by myself.   I soon found myself inventing this Auger Rack System.  It immediately solved my challenges while increasing my productivity.  It allows me to use the auger bits by myself, without hurting my back.  I quickly decided to patent my ideas, and build this company.  In January 2012 we started with only 1 design.  Since then we've received many requests for other applications, leading to our current 20 products, with many more currently in design.  I'm continually working to solve many of this industries Safety challenges, as I continue to design new products.  Thank you for your support.  "Craig Hokanson"